Our Approach

Trial Work

We practice trial law. We make strategic decisions always with the trial in mind. What does that mean?

It means we are a people-first firm.  Businesses are made up of people.  Judges, juries, and lawyers are all people. Simply put, people are people.

We go beyond proof charts, chronologies, and key documents. We craft a narrative that will be firmly anchored in the truth, be clear, and make the most impact. We are always mindful of the questions that will be on the jury’s verdict form.

 We have found that the best leverage for getting the case favorably settled and avoiding the trial altogether is to be ready to put a jury in the box and call your first witness.

Deal Work

We understand how entrepreneurs think because we are entrepreneurs too. What does that mean? It means that we are deal makers ourselves.

We do our best to get your deal to the closing table. We recognize that it our job to advise our clients of risk and let them know how they can get to “yes” rather than all the reasons it cannot be done. We empower our clients to decide for themselves whether those risks are acceptable. Once the client makes that choice, we deploy our knowledge, experience, and judgment to get the deal documents done.

That approach isn’t limited to buying and selling companies. It also applies to land deals, master service agreements, standard contracts, special matters, and day-to-day business questions.


Most of our matters are hourly plus costs and expenses. Our current rates are $150/hr for paralegals and from $300/hr to $750/hr for attorneys.

We understand that clients are concerned about billable hours getting out of control, and we don’t blame them. In our view, the “billable hour minimums” that some firms impose on lawyers misalign the client’s and the lawyer’s interests. What is our solution?

LeBlanc Flanery doesn’t have billable hour requirements. We do the work that needs to be done, do it promptly, and do it well. Period.

We are open to doing alternative fee structures, such as flat rates, blended fees, and contingency. We are highly selective about contingency cases. In contingency fee arrangements, the client will be obligated to pay for other expenses, such as the costs of litigation, as they are incurred.

Whatever the fee structure, LeBlanc Flanery’s focus remains on alignment with our clients and providing value for the fees we charge.